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BT2 came to an end almost two weeks ago, but I’m still feeling so exhausted and braindead. Doesn’t help that WordPress decided to not publish the long entry I wrote yesterday but instead, deleted it from its database… But yeah, I literally just crashed the moment I got home for the past week and barely managed to complete my homework, let alone do revision. It’s only about five weeks to Prelims and probably not too late to realise that this is quite a miserable life to lead. Sigh.

It was kind of like the happiest week I’ve had in awhile though, with the exception of Thursday which was almost like a déjà vu of last year after we got back our Chem CT paper zzz. A group of teachers who called themselves Bestlife performed Westlife’s My Love as part of a belated Youth Day celebration and it was actually rather enjoyable. As someone who does not usually enjoy college activities and events, it must have been pretty good huh haha. Also spent my week doing our monthly catch-up thing over WhatsApp, which is the most we can manage with crazy busy lives (not so much for me), and it was nice as always because we can always pick up from where we left off previously and nothing much actually changes. Looking forward to doing work together soon! The week ended off on a very good note because my favourite people in MG celebrated my early eighteenth with me, and I swear that night was enough to make my day/week/month/life. Am so thankful for the gifts, the cards, the company and more importantly, the friendships which have lasted for 4-14 years. Love y’all 5ever )’:

Okay I’m really falling asleep so I guess I’ll stop here for now.


Here’s to the most beautiful bunch of people I know, both inside and out.

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“You have been doing well” is a severe overstatement but it’s a sweet card nonetheless. Thank you laoshi (: